Hi there! I'm Maive

I'm a polymer clay artist and author of "Miniature Cake Creations" living in the Southeast of England with my boyfriend and a mischievous bunny called Benjamin. 

I'm originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina where I lived until I was 15 when my family decided to move to Italy. I finished school there and studied Foreign Languages & Literature for a few years before I decided to move to England, where my heart really was.

My polymer clay story...

...begins in 2011, when my mother in law handed me my first blocks of FIMO. At the time, I had a growing interest in baking, which translated into almost an obsession for making miniature cakes and cake-themed jewellery.

In 2012/13 I started sharing my work on Youtube, both as a way to teach but also to document my own progress and therefore learn at the same time; techniques which are now widely used by other artists as well. 


In October 2019 my first book “Miniature Cake Creations” was published by GMC Publications and I saw my first collaboration with “Doll House & Miniature Scene” magazine, to which I’m now a regular contributor.

miniature cake creations cover 800.jpg
"Miniature Cake Creations", October 2019, GMC Publications.
Scouting Magazine, Summer Term 2018 
DHMS, September 2018
DHMS, November 2018
DHMS, April 2019
DHMS, May 2019
DHMS, August 2019
DHMS, October 2019
DHMS, December 2019
The People's Friend Magazine, October 2018

When I’m not obsessing over cakes...

I’m also creating funky fruit jewellery, little clay houses inspired by my life, or pieces inspired by nature and in particular the ocean, or water, which is why I like to make a lot of my jewellery literally drip with yumminess.

I don't take custom orders because my work is very intuitive, but please feel free to drop me a line, I always welcome suggestions; and you never know, I might be in the process of making exactly what you were looking for, telepathy!

Handmade with love

I'm a free-hand sculptor, so each piece is individually sculpted by me making each one unique. I only use moulds of my original pieces. 

If there is one little thing I don't like about a piece, I recycle it. So you can be certain you will always have 100% of me.

I'm a one woman band. I am the designer, sculptor, photographer, writer and short little human that packs and takes her babies to the post office once they've found a new home.

It's always a bittersweet experience, to part.

But I know you will love them just as much as I loved making them.

My creative process...

Is never linear

Every piece is unique and therefore it will have its unique creative process, but they all go through most of the same steps.

Designing: The first stage in my creative process is designing. I do this by either sketching it or sculpting out the design I see in my mind. This can be prompted by a colour, a walk in nature, something I see. I never know when the next idea will come, they find me before I find them.

Sculpting: Next in my creative process is sculpting my design. Most of my pieces are sculpted individually so not two pieces will be identical. In the case of a cupcake liner for example, I sculpt the master and from the master I cast a mold.

Curing: The next step entails baking the piece partially or completely. This can take from 15 minutes to a whole hour, if not more depending on the piece.

Painting & Glazing: After the baking stage is complete, I sand my pieces where necessary and proceed to add the last details with paint and a coat of glaze.

Jewellery: At this point, I would finish the jewellery piece by adding the appropriate findings. I use hypoallergenic silver plated wire and stainless steel earring posts.

Photography: This is the most difficult and most daunting stage for me. Very few times have I enjoyed the process of arranging and taking pictures of my pieces; I always do something different and I always learn something new!

Polymer clay is one of my

many sides

When I’m not sculpting and making jewellery, I’m listening to music, singing or playing guitar.

I love reading and writing. Some of my favourite authors are Charlotte Brontë, Rachel King, Eileen Ramsay, Alice Hoffman, Pedro Calderón de la Barca, Elio Vittorini and Jules Verne.

I have a fascination with water, with the sky and the moon and I love taking pictures of them.

I enjoy doing a bit of photography, baking, swimming and playing tennis, travelling and spending time with my bunny bun bun.

'You gotta fight for your carrots.'

No doubt Benji is wise beyond his ears.

My long-eared assistant Benjamin,

who likes to make sure there's enough mention of carrots in my posts.


Handmade with love


My Polymer Clay Book

"Miniature Cake Creations"

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