Di Quel Giorno Ricordero Il Silenzio

Di quel giorno ricordero il silenzio,

e il profumo dei garofani bianchi.

L'odore della terra al cui grembo tornasti,

a ruotar con le stagioni insieme a rondini e sassi.

Di quel giorno ricordero il colore,

dei fili d'erba e dei raggi del sole,

del cielo zaffiro che a te divento nero,

opprimente e senza vento, senza luna e senza tempo.

Di quel giorno avro l'amaro ricordo che fosti troppo caro a lei,

ma in lei ora vivi e son contenta, che dove guardi ovunque sei.


Of that day I will remember the silence,

and the perfume of white carnations.

The smell of the Earth to whose womb you returned,

To revolve to with the seasons, with swallows and stones.

Of that day I will remember the colour,

of the blades of grass and rays of sun,

of the sapphire sky that turned black on you,

oppressive and windless, moonless and timeless.

Of that day I will keep the bitter memory that you were too dear to her,

But in her now you live and I'm happy, that wherever I look, everywhere you'll be.

I wrote this poem for my grandpa in 2003 (when I was 17) who passed away in 1995. It was published in a local Italian teenage magazine called "L' Agorá dei giovani" and I doubt that anyone outside the village I lived in ever read it. Sharing it this way it will reach more hearts and above all it will stay here forever. I lost my grandma in May 2015 so now I feel like this poem belongs to both.

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