Do you take custom orders?

I don't take custom orders because my work is very intuitive; however, if you see something you like and it's out of stock or you'd prefer it in a different colour, or maybe you'd like something similar, feel free to drop me a line. 

Do you post to my country?

I post to a large number of countries and they are classified into 3 categories: UK, Europe and International. To check whether I post to your country, please add at least one item to your cart and pretend to checkout. If I post to your country, you should be able to find it in the drop list once you select one of the categories mentioned above.

How long does it take for my item to arrive?

The delivery time varies depending on your country of destination and the posting service selected. Please read my Store Policies for more information. 

May I know what clay or products you used in an item in your shop for which there isn't a tutorial?

Please refer to my tutorials on similar pieces as I like to keep my personal work, personal. 

Is the Moana "Heart of Te Fiti" necklace for sale?

No, the Moana necklace is not for sale. I only made it for the tutorial.

Can you make me a Moana necklace? Or other Disney themed pieces?

I'm afraid I can't. A license is needed to sell Disney themed pieces legally and it's not within

my interests to sell Disney themed pieces.

What type of clay/materials do you use in your tutorials? Where can I buy them?

I buy my materials online like Amazon or specialist websites like www.clayaround.com or from local shops.

I provide a list of materials and links in the description of each video. Some videos also have additional blogs where you can find more information. Please note that I make a small commission from the links suggested, and the materials suggested may or may not be the sames ones I used, but similar ones where I couldn't find links to the same ones. If there isn't a list of products in the description, it's because the video is old and I hadn't started adding links yet.

Do you sell molds of your pieces? Can I make a mold of your pieces?

No, I don't sell molds nor do I authorize molds to be made of my pieces.

Where do you buy your miniature ceramics/forks etc.?

I like to encourage those with an interest in making their own pieces to do their own research.

Can't find the answer to your question? Then drop me a line. 

Please contact me about shop/business enquiries only, not about my tutorials or polymer clay.

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