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French Macaron Necklaces

To follow up on my last tutorial on how to make two types of French macaron earrings, dangle and stud, this time I made French macaron necklaces!

I love everything about real ones: the shape, the texture, the colours and of course the flavour! So being inspired wasn't difficult.

For my polymer clay version of this delicious French treat, I decided to make the same design in four of my favourite pastel colours: rose, mint, lemon and lavender. The design also sees a drizzle of icing and colourful sprinkles in matching colours, and holding the lids together, lots of luscious cream.

Both the cream and icing were made by mixing FIMO Liquid and white polymer clay. The tutorial on how I make polymer clay frosting is on my Youtube Channel.

My French Macaron necklaces are available for purchase in my Shop.

Watch how these necklace were made here:


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