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Making Miniature Croissants 🥐

I want to fill my miniature bakery counter with goodies so I started with croissants, one of my breakfast favourites!🥐😋YUM!

I do have doughnuts, cupcakes and cakes that I display in both my counter and cabinet, but I wanted a more "golden" look on those shelves.

I made two main types of croissants:

🥐Curled Croissants

🥐Straight Croissants

I divided the curled croissants into those whose ends meet and those which don't.

As for the straight croissants, I gave half of them the illusion of having icing sugar on them. But of course you can do this with none or all of them if you like that look, and if you like a bit more contrast, apply a bit more brown acrylic paint before adding the white acrylic paint for the icing sugar.

To give the illusion of real butter and sugar in those croissants, I used translucent polymer clay, mixed with a pale yellow colour. You can adapt this to suit your taste and if you don't want any translucent effect, then use opaque clay.

I like to colour them with soft pastels, at least to start with. I feel like I can achieve a very natural look that way. I like to enhance that by painting them with acrylic paints once baked and cool. You can choose to colour them using either one or both of these methods, whatever you are comfortable with.

Always let your polymer clay cool down before painting it, or the paint will dry on you without giving you a chance to blend it and there's a chance the paint on your brush will dry too.

I think glazing them is a must if you want to achieve sweet, soft and moist looking croissants. I glazed them once so not to go overboard and make them too glossy, like they actually have a layer of sugar glaze on them. But of course, when it comes down to your design, you can choose what to do.

I use both FIMO Gloss and Deco Art Gloss Varnish for my polymer clay, but regardless of the brand you use, make sure it's water based or it won't be compatible with polymer clay.

Whatever you do, don't ever use clear nail polish to varnish your polymer clay. It will literally eat at your pieces in the long run and goodbye hard work.

I plan to make more pastries and buns, like another favourite of mine: the iced buns. I used to buy this round iced bun from a local bakery that was more like a cake with eight pieces and a cherry in the centre that you could tear and share; because then you also have the single iced buns with the cherries. But I like the big one, of course.

I want to go back in time and explore Argentinean bakeries (I come from Argentina) that have one of the biggest selections of pastries I've seen. The Argentinean version of the croissant is the "medialuna" (which was also my favourite then) and there are two types: the butter medialuna (de manteca) and the lard medialuna (de grasa). The butter one is very similar to the croissant, golden and soft. The lard one, is thinner, with more of a crust and crunchier ends and no shine. They are both delicious and I used to enjoy them them a lot while drinking mate with family and friends.

Mate is like a herbal tea that you drink from a "mate" (actual name of the container, that can be metal, wooden or even made out of dry butternut squash!), where you put some yerba (tea-like herbs), then you pour hot water and drink it using a metal straw with a strainer at the end. When you are done, you give the mate back to the "pourer" (or cebador, person officially in charge of pouring the mate and keeping the water hot) and pass it around. It's for this reason that if you share mate with people, it's a symbol of friendship and trust, for everyone drinks from the same metal straw. So if someone offers you one, it must mean they trust you and consider you their friend.

If there are any bakery pastries that you'd like to see a tutorial for let me know in the comments below or in the comments section of my Croissants tutorial on Youtube and for tutorials on how to make miniature cakes, cupcakes and bakery furniture please visit my Youtube Channel, my playlists in particular.

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Please note that products and materials are examples and suggestions and they may not be exactly the ones I've used, but similar ones. So do read the items' description before buying.

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You can watch my "Miniature Croissant" tutorial below:

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