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Miniature Chocolate Cake Baking Scene

It had been a long time since I'd made a baking scene or a chocolate cake so I decided to put the two together and add one of my favourite fruits as well.

For the items for which there isn't a full demonstration in my video, I have full tutorials for in my channel or are shown as part of other videos.

I have tutorials for:

🍓The board:

🍓Miniature Spell Books:

🍓Miniature Journals:

🍓The Spatulas:

🍓The Cake Servers (Exclusive):

🍓Waffle Moulds:

🍓Polymer Clay Frosting & Icing:

🍓 Bowls:

The book doesn't have to be made from paper, you can sculpt it from polymer clay and achieve a very realistic look too.

You can watch my "tree frame" tutorial to see how I sculpted a simple book out of clay. Mine was made according to the perspective but you can make it rectangular for this kind of scene.

🍓Sculpting a book from polymer clay at minute 10:30:

I used my own waffle moulds to make the chocolate bars, so if you want to make your own, that's great, alternatively there are shops on Etsy that sell miniature chocolate bar moulds. I like making my own so I know they will look different from everyone else and I like being able to use them both for chocolate and waffles. That way you can also vary the size depending on the project you are working on and make as many mould as you want, whenever you want.

As a release agent I dusted baby powder on both the polymer clay and mould, but you can also use corn starch or even spray a little bit of water on both. Just make sure to absorb the excess water gently with a tissue before you continue working.

I recommend cutting the chocolate chunks after baking the bars, so you don't ruin the shape and the chunks look sharp.

For the icing and ganache, I mixed Premo in Burnt Umber and Black to achieve a rich dark chocolate colour. I used this colour for the layers of icing inside the cake, the ganache on the cake and in the mint coloured bowl.

For the cake batter in the white bowl, I used Sculpey iii in Chocolate and FIMO liquid, because the batter is usually a lighter colour than the baked sponge. I also kept it much thicker than the ganache.

For a full list of materials please visit my Youtube Channel.

My miniature chocolate cake baking scene is available for purchase in my Shop.

You can watch my tutorial here:

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