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Chocolate Chip C🍪🍪KIE Earrings

This is one of those things that I don't know why I haven't made a tutorial for before! They are so cute and yummy indeed!

For the "cookie dough" I used Premo polymer clay in Translucent, Cadmium Yellow and White.

The translucency makes the cookies look like they have real sugar in them.

I only applied a light dusting of beige soft pastels as I wanted to apply the majority of the colour with acrylic paint. That is because I didn't want the colour to sit on top, like the powder would have done (and sometimes I feel it covers too much of the translucency), but to sink into the clay. By watering down the acrylic paint slightly, I could keep the paint translucent, blend it better and allow the paint to go into the tiniest holes in the cookie.

Glazing them is a must, not only to add a sheen but to protect the paint and soft pastels as well. You can use either matte or gloss varnish, but if you don't want your cookies to look extra shiny, you can dab it on or stipple a small amount, so as to absorb the excess.

Whatever you do, do not use nail polish to glaze your polymer clay. They are not compatible. Always use a water based glaze for your polymer clay.

My chocolate chip cookies earrings are available for purchase in my Shop.

You can watch the tutorial here:


Staedtler Fimo Cutter Blades (Pack of 3): Toys Polyform Premo Accents Sculpey Polymer Clay, 2-Ounce, Translucent Darice Flat Pad Earring Post & Butterfly Clutch 6mm 48/Pkg Gorilla Super Glue, 15 g - Wood Glues - 15pcs Nail Art Painting Pen Brush: Home & Kitchen Reeves 24-Pack Acrylic Colour Tube Set, 10ml Beadsmith 7-Piece Jewelry Pliers Set with Case, Mini Premo Sculpey polymer clay burnt umber brown from

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