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Cakes and more...cakes...

Hi, nice to see you again.

Changes are happening in my life right now that haven't allowed me to (physically and emotionally) work and film as usual. I've been going through an anxious phase but I feel like slowly everything's falling back into place and I'm now able to focus a bit more; even though not everything's where it used be and I'm still adjusting to the new face that my normality is morphing into.

WEIRD days where you don't feel yourself, where everything seems to weigh twice as much. Been there?

So if you are subscribed to my channel and have been waiting for a new tutorial, thank you so much for your patience and support! I am truly sorry about the delay...but please know that I am working on and planning new videos and they shouldn't take long to land on my channel now ^_^

Instead, I have been enjoying working quietly from the nook by my window, without the "eyes of the world" above me; something that rarely happens because I share almost everything with you, so it has been different and somewhat a much needed breath of fresh air.

During this time I was "kidnapped" by cakes! I started with the blueberry cake, both to make earrings and to make the "Mouse Mischief" pieces with, born from a dear childhood memory that involves cheese! I explained more in the product page in my shop.

From there I jumped to lemon, Victoria sponge and classic red velvet cakes, to finally land on my favourite from this "period": confetti cakes! These are available in pink, lavender and mint, but at least one more colour will be coming soon.


In-between these projects I've also been working on single naked cakes in the same colours as the confetti cake and French Macaroons from a few months ago; a "retro" looking Victoria sponge cake as well as on an elephant pendant about which I talked in my previous blog post.

Included in these pictures is a little preview of my miniature galaxy cupcakes, whose tutorial will be coming to my YT channel soon. If you're not yet subscribed go ahead and do it (there's a link on the top right corner of this page) so you never miss any of my uploads! YouTube has this funny thing where it doesn't notify everyone about new uploads, but you can fix that by clicking on the notification bell button as well as the subscribe button. (It's like subscribing twice, crazy, I know!)

Some of these pieces are already available for purchase on my website and my Etsy shop and some will be listed there soon.

Bless you so much for reading and I'll catch you next time,



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