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Rainbows & Gold

Hello there, nice to see you again!

This past week I've been inspired by bakers a lot. I follow hundreds of bakers and cake decorators on Instagram whose work is so fabulous I get very excited over the idea of making them all out of polymer clay!

So new in my shop this week we have rainbow cake earrings, with sprinkles and matching beads as well as Madeleine stud earrings, also inspired by the uplifting colours of the rainbow and by @tutti_dolci on Instagram.

Also new in the earring department are French croissants (croissies for Maive) which were purely inspired by how much I love them and they'd be pretty much all I'd eat were they healthy like water.

I don't just make tiny food though. I find great joy in sculpting life size food like these freshly baked chocolate chip cookie bag charms. I love to work on the texture to make it look as realistic as I possibly can and to shade it which is what ultimately brings it to life and makes my stomach rumble. But that's OK, that's why I always have cookies at hand in case of emergencies such as this, or almonds as a healthier option ;)

The previous week I seem to have channeled the colour red, whereas this week I flowed more within pastels and the glorious golden colour of baked croissies and cookies. I don't know about you, but merely thinking of them, makes me feel all cozy.

I hope I haven't left you craving cookies too much with this post, and if I have and you feel like raiding the cupboard you can always blame me ;)

Thanks for reading and I'll catch you next time,

Love, Mai

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