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New Mini Cakes, Cake Themed Jewellery & Mouse Mischief Scene

Hello there, I hope you're well.

A lot has been going on here, especially in the last couple of weeks as I've been working on my latest scene called "Party Crashers" of my Mouse Mischief series (my previous ones where singles slices of blueberry cake with mischievous mice taking a bite off them).

But this this is (much!) bigger and there is so much more going on, and it captures the moment in which three mischievous little mice decide to crash a birthday party when none of the guests are looking.

My Mouse Mischief series was inspired by my dad actually. I always had a penchant for cheese which is why he used to say I was the mouse of the house and always made me take the cheese to the table whistling so he knew I wasn't eating any on the way! :D

The mice in my scene have a penchant for anything sweet and they'll take anything they can carry!

The scene is not for sale yet, as I've finished it very recently and I have yet to figure out how to package it, tut! But should you be interested in this piece, just drop me a line and I might be able to reserve it for you.

Some of my other latest work include...

I hope you have a great week and I'll catch you all next time,

Love, Mai

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