A new way to shop my miniature cakes...

Cupcake from my "Cherry Bakewell" Cake Set

Hello there, nice to see you again.

I am introducing a new way to explore and shop my miniature cakes.

I have come up with the idea of having set designs available all the time, my "classics" if you will, which might change or I might add variations to like the number of cupcakes, etc. And another entirely separate section dedicated to "cakes of the week"; those one-off cakes that I have been inspired to make during the week but that I won't make again.

Ideally I would like to present my cakes of the week every Wednesday, as I post parcels Fridays, so you have enough time to see them and explore them and won't have to wait long for it to be dispatched.

"Cherry Bakewell" Cake Set

You're probably thinking this cake was inspired by cherry bakewell tarts, well, it wasn't. It was actually the cupcakes that reminded me of the tarts so much, that I decided to name the set after the wonderful treat.

My "Cherry Bakewell" Cake Set includes:

- 1 "Cherry Bakewell" cake with slices cut out to reveal the yummy inside; a three-layer vanilla sponge cake with cherries and pink cherry frosting.

- 2 "Cherry Bakewell" cake slices.

- 6 "Cherry Bakwell" cupcakes, one of which bitten because someone couldn't resist.

"Black Forest" Cake Set

Inspired by the richness and contrasting colours of the Black Forest Gateau, my miniature version sees a naked chocolate cake, with cream and cherry filling, a thin crumb coat, a silky chocolate drip and cream dollops with candied cherries.

My "Black Forest" Cake Set includes:

- 1 "Black Forest" cake with slices cut out

- 2 "Black Forest" cake slices

- 6 "Black Forest" cupcakes, one of which bitten

Both the cake sets are dynamic!

All the elements in the sets come loose for you to arrange them in your own miniature settings and have fun creating your own world. I highly recommend tweezers and a steady hand to do so! ^_^

These are only my first two sets to come out, but more sets are in the oven and they will be available after I come back from a short break.

Cakes of the week

Freshly baked from my miniature bakery this week:

A chocolate and blackberry cake.

A French macaron naked cake with roses.

A chocolate cake with roses

Chocolate Bundt cake with sprinkles

All these cakes are available exclusively on my website. If you'd like to receive updates on my new cake sets and cakes of the week, I recommend that you subscribe to my website to receive news, blog post alerts and special promotions.

If you'd like to learn how I make my miniature cakes, I have some tutorials on my website or you can find a lot of information in my book "Miniature Cake Creations" featuring 30 miniature cake projects, including jewellery, and an extensive techniques section.

I will be taking a short break from 30/08 till 7/09, so tomorrow Friday 28th, is my last posting day till September 11th.

Both my web-shop and my Etsy Shop will be closed till September 7th.

I really hope this post finds you well and that you liked my miniature cake sets. I can't wait to share with you what I have in store.

Thank you so much for reading and I'll catch you next time,

Love, Mai

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