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Chocolate Cake

Me: Ok, so I got sidetracked again...

Alter Ego: Me? Sidetracked? Never.

In my defense, I was a just a tiny bit sidetracked, I only finished putting together a cake stand and repainted a board and my miniature tables. Nothing major. I was back on track straight away. Actually, first I half-finished the chocolate cake and then picked up some pending, secondary projects that were more of newly found preferences, and then totally finished the cake, OK?

Now, back to the 6th item on my #30daypolymerclayfoodprompt list. This time I went for a simple chocolate cake, that was inspired by a real mouthwatering chocolate and almond torte by @shiran_dickman, Pretty Simple Sweet, that I found on Pinterest.

The real cake has lots of lovely cocoa powder dusted all over, a beautiful feature I did recreate with soft pastels; I just couldn't find a way to set it in place while at the same time keeping the "powderiness". It would look great for pictures, but one wrong move and the powder would go everywhere. So, I decided not to take any pictures with the pastels on it.

You can see a little bit of the powder on the crust of the cake, which is why the centre looks drier than the edges; not because I forgot to glaze it.

Chocolate cake was my favourite as a kid, but it had to be super simple and without, according to me, "fake chocolate", because otherwise I would not eat it. I actually did not like cakes when I was little, I found them two sweet and I thought the consistency of cream and buttercream to be really odd. Naturally, everything was "cream" to me as a child, as I didn't know the difference between them.

If the chocolate sponge wasn't sweet, I would eat it. The same with a vanilla sponge. The one thing that I really liked was lashings of dulce de leche. One of the fondest memories I have is making "Exquisita" cakes (Betty Crocker type cakes) with my grandma, usually chocolate; mixing all the ingredients, baking it and then letting it cool down to slice it, moisten it and add lots of dulce de leche. Of course I could eat the middle section first ^_^

If you make miniature cakes, is there a cake you feel drawn to making more than any other? Or do you have a dear cake or treat from your childhood? If so, what is it? I'd love to know.

Thank you so much for reading and I'll catch you next time polymer clayers,

Six down, twenty-four to go.

Love, Mai

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