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Confetti Cupcakes

7th item on my #30daypolymerclayfoodprompt list >>>

>>> C O N F E T T I C U P C A K E S <<<

I am taking this exercise as an opportunity to try new things and see what I discover, or as it happened with my lemon cupcakes, to pick up on old investigations and see where those take me too.

Two things in these cupcakes are different from what I normally do, actually three; and I'm still observing how the different materials I used behave with each other and how the cupcakes look in different light. So it's a little early for me to say I love this method and that I'll stick to it, but it's always nice to have something extra in the drawer that I can pull out once in a while.

Making these cupcakes has triggered my appetite for a confetti cake, a mini one; well, a real one too actually; so don't be surprised to see one landing on here soon. I will try and stick to my schedule though, because that's another thing I am working on DISCIPLINE and PATIENCE.

Making miniatures has taught me a lot about patience and about finishing a task before starting another. I am a very anxious person and I get easily excited over a myriad of things, like a golden retriever! I live my life very intensely, so sticking to the list of prompts is something I wanted to work on.

I still go off on tangents, like making an entirely new table and finishing a cake stand, but I still finish them and get back on track. It's all for the betterment of my miniature settings.

If I can't please my eye (and my soul) when making art, then what am I doing?

Next on my list are meringue kisses, I haven't decided what size I'm going to make them yet, because guess what? I'm excited over both big and small and I can't discern which ones I'd like to make first! Typical me. I have recently made a couple of pink big-ish ones, not life-size I think, so I might make small ones to mix it up a bit.

I hope you and your family are safe and well and trying new things or picking up old passions. I think that whatever the circumstances and whatever your passion is, it always heals you and makes you feel lucky to be alive. If it's been a long time since you've channeled your passion, but you feel it pushing itself up to the surface, dig it out and surrender to it.

It's clearly saying "It's about time!"

I like too many things, as I've mentioned before, my interests swing from making miniatures to playing guitar and writing (did not start in that order) and many more, to more recently, doing a bit of miniature painting. The soul needs to express itself through many channels and one need only listen. Days aren't long enough! ^_^

Thank you so much for reading and I'll catch you next time with my meringue kisses (and possibly a confetti cake, hehehe),

Seven down, twenty-three to go.

Love, Mai

Playing around with saturation levels. What can I say? I LOVE IT.

PS: If you look at this image for like 10 seconds, and then look at the normal ones, they'll seem as if they have no colour whatsoever! :'D Optical illusions eh?

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1 Comment

May 01, 2020

Hi Maive thank you for this! I am using this method to make red velvet cupcakes for my friends birthday!

edit: when I am done I will put a photo of them.

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