Forest Witch House

After so many hiccups yesterday, I finally managed to upload the video to Youtube!

It's been raining all day yesterday (today as well) and it has to have affected the internet connection because I could barely use it, not a single page would load! It's been dreadful trying to answer to customers and I'm surprised I could post one picture on Instagram. I had already given up at that point.

I started working with polymer clay in 2011 and decorating jars was among the first things I did.

Then, I decorated jars in a very, very simple way. But soon, I started turning them into houses. I fell in love with the idea of recycling jars and at the same time turning them into something completely different; something that looked like it came from a completely different world.

If you’re like me, you probably find yourself wishing this was a real house or that you were small enough to fit in it and move in today. Believe me, my suitcase would already be packed and I would already be pushing the door open and making myself comfortable by the window. I imagine a small fire would be burning in the hearth and I'd have a rather small but selective collection of classic books. I recently read Jane Eyre and I know now, it would find permanent residence on the window seat.

I hope you enjoy this short but sweet video of the sculpting process of my Forest Witch House. It was inspired by a real house that I saw on Pinterest, in particular the dark teal door and the grainy walls.

Have the most wonderful weekend and I'll catch you next time,

Love, Mai

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