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Mini Chocolate Eggs

Hello, nice to see you again :)

For the April issue of "Dolls House & Miniature Scene" magazine I worked on a simple but yummy tutorial for miniature chocolate Easter eggs decorated with sugar roses.

I have a weak spot for these chocolate eggs, I must admit. Where I grew up in South America, Easter eggs used to be hand decorated with sugar embellishments and I used to marvel at the intricate designs. So I wanted to try and recreate that and make some simple floral designs on them.

These are the tools & materials I used:

- Polymer clay: burnt umber, olive green, pink (or another colour of your choice)

- FIMO Liquid (or another liquid polymer clay)

- Tile (to work on and to bake your miniature eggs)

- Blades

- Craft Knife

- Toothpick

- Needle Tool

- Pointy soft silicone tool

- Gloss Varnish

- White acrylic paint

- Water

- Small ball tool

More about the April issue...

This issue kicks off with a look at the work of Ryan Monahan, whose miniatures are a modern model makers dream with ultra-realistic scenes. They also interview Max Aditya in this issue whose projects really are something to be appreciated on page 46. What else can you find in this issue?

Fernando Setien’s woodwork skills with a showcase of perfect miniature chairs.

Marie Cohydon’s miniatures made from the lead tip of a pencil. Yes, really! Turn to page 31 to find out more about how Marie finds every creation a pleasure to create!

If you're feeling inspired and ready to get creating yourself, there's four-part garden series (will have to collect 4 issues) but if you're looking for a quick project, why not try Moi's magazine rack project?

And finally, DHMS magazine have a simple reader survey for you on page 56 and would be grateful if you could complete this. You can enter online, photocopy the page or simply complete and return to us using the freepost address. They are always striving to create the very best content for you and this information will really help them. Many thanks in advance!!

You can get digital copies to read on your favourite device with bonus features, or printed copies delivered to your door here:

I really hope you enjoy this issue. I know it's a little late this year for Easter projects, but that doesn't mean you can't create them whenever you want, to practice, to do something different, use the tips next year or use the instructions to create something similar and adjust it to an ongoing project. That is all from me today; I hope you are doing well wherever you are whatever your circumstances are.

Sending you lots and lots of love,

Thank you for reading and I'll catch you next time,

Love, Mai

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