Miniature Linzer Cookies Tutorial

Updated: Feb 9

"Moody" Linzer Cookies

Hello polymer clayers, nice to see you again.

After my last tutorial, the most voted item for my next one was the Linzer cookies and after sharing two versions of the cookie and taking a poll on Instagram, the results were so close that I decided to include BOTH versions in the tutorial.

I called these two versions:

The "Moody" ones: These are all about that contrast with the icing sugar. They feel darker, more sultry and are perfect for creating that beautiful moody atmosphere seen in food photography (hence the name), but in miniature.

The "Happy" ones: These are the all about the jam; which is why I kept the cookie part nice and light. They remind me a lot of Jammie Dodgers (a popular British biscuit). These haven;t got any icing sugar as it gets a little lost in the light background.

Of course the ways that I made the cookie are non-exhaustive, in the sense that you can mix and match techniques used in both projects to achieve different looking cookies each time and you can use these techniques to make other similar cookies as well.

A note on dimensions

I am not strict when it comes to taking measurements and scaling down objects in the sense that in my opinion is not that important. For example: I have a set of scalloped cookie cutters to make cookies varying between 5cm to 10cm in diameter.

Depending on what cookie cutter I make cookies with, I will get different size cookies and scaling them down to 1/12th scale, will result in varying dimensions (not to mention how each cookie can vary in dimension after it's baked)

For example; the cookie measuring: 10cm will be 0.83mm wide.

8cm will be 0.66mm wide.

To me the most important thing is that the cookies look right and in harmony together with other miniatures I'm making them with if part of a set, or making them in a size that feels comfortable and right for me.

So what's right for me, might not be right for you. This tutorial is for miniature cookies that would suit 1/12th and 1/10 scale miniatures. If you want to make them smaller, make them smaller; if you want to make them bigger, make them bigger. No biggie.

The important thing is to adjust the cookies to suit your already existing miniatures, and not to get to hang up on the number of millimetres too much.

About the tutorial itself

The PDF tutorial not only includes both ways of making the cookies, but it comes with:

  • A full list of tools and materials

  • Step by step instructions with clear photographs

  • Lots of tips on baking polymer clay

  • Instant Download, no special apps required!

With that said, I hope you enjoy the tutorial and above all that you have fun making them, which for me is "the thing" I set out for!

You can find the tutorial here, in the Shop tab. If you have any questions about any of the steps or if something isn't clear, just shout. Or better, send me a message as I might not be able to hear you, haha.

Thank you for reading and I'll catch you next time,

Love and doves,


PS: Will try and keep the next tutorial a surprise :)

"Moody" Linzer Cookies

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