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Miniature Mint & Cherry Cake

My latest whole miniature cake, a cherry cake influenced by Tessa Huff, a food blogger and author @stylesweetdaily

I found her cake on Pinterest and though I had pinned it to my "Cakes & Cupcakes" board, maybe the fact that I have 5000 cake images on it, made it a little harder to find. But I remembered the cake and went looking for it again because I wanted to make another cherry cake similar to the one I had made earlier, but with a pink sponge and this one was just perfect.

Miniature Mint & Cherry Cake at

The original recipe has cherries as well as chocolate chips in the sponge, but I added bits of cherry and cherry jam instead. I tried making the piped frosting on the side of the cake, but it made my cake look very wide, so I threw it away and started over. Yup ^_^

My first cake also had different frosting in the sense that it was a sheet of clay, but it made it look very flat, dull, because there wasn't much else going on. So I decided to make the next one with frosting instead, which makes it really come to life, it gives it a lot more character and of course, it makes it look 100 times yummier.

This little cake measures 3cm wide and 2.7cm high approximately, up to the cherry tops and can be found here and my Etsy Shop. This is the only one available, so first come, first served. If you prefer a vanilla sponge instead, I have...

Miniature Mint & Cherry Cake at

...this mini cake, which is also mint & cherry flavoured, but with a classic vanilla sponge and mint and jam filling.

You can purchase the cakes here:

Mint & Cherry Cake (cherry sponge): My Website - Etsy

Mint & Cherry Cake (vanilla sponge): My Website - Etsy

If you're interested in learning how I make my miniature cakes, my polymer clay book "Miniature Cake Creations" covers all the techniques used to make these cakes as well as many other and how to turn cakes into sweet jewellery if you so desire.

I hope you're doing well wherever you are and whatever your circumstances are.

Thank you for reading, stay safe and I'll catch you next time,

Love, Mai

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