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Miniature Mugs For The ♡

Remember that thing I was very excited about a few posts ago but I wanted to wait till I had a few more done before I showed them to the world?

Well, it was these.

I had just finished the strawberry and white strawberry mugs and was just getting started on the rest. I made other things in between so it took a little longer to bring them all to life from my sketches. I have a few more sketched out, but they don't fall into this category.

I have found that sketching a lot of my pieces first has helped me to not only keep a record of my ideas, but also to anchor them down. Like tying kites down so they don't fly away.

I can easily get swept by ideas; not only in the field of polymer clay, but in other areas like writing and song writing. There is always something going on in here (my head), and time doesn't abound.

I also designed this cute set of fresh and cheerful watermelon mugs, can you see the seeds inside the one with the pink interior? I love their freshness and fruitiness that instantly brightens up the room and my heart.

Of my pastel set I love the simplicity and softness; it almost feels like they're delicately blowing a kiss of colour, catch!

My strawberry and white strawberry mug set was purely born from my love for strawberries. They were my favourite fruit (together with white mulberries) as a child and always got so excited at the sight of them, wherever they may be. On a cake, on their own, on someone's head. It doesn't matter.

They were my PRECIOUS.

I haven't always known white strawberries, but I loved them the moment I saw them.

Instant CRUSH.

I thought of making white mulberry mugs, but I thought they'd look a little weird.

I am fascinated by the idea of making something so cute and tiny and sending them off to people who will love them; who will treasure them and carefully pose them in their miniature rooms.

My hope as an artist is to cause the same or even better feelings on the people that come across or adopt my pieces, that I felt designing, making and completing them. Every single piece I make is a little shard of my heart and I am always honoured when someone chooses me to be part of their lives.

Ok...I have some chocolate bars to make still, tut!

But I want to incorporate them into a scene instead of making singular bars; so it might be a few days before you hear from me again.

I hug you all very tight, thank you so much for reading and I'll catch you next time,

Love, Mai

PS: My mini mugs will be available to order from my Etsy Shop soon ;)

PS #2: For what regards the comment section in my blog, apparently is not possible for people to reply to comments (absurd I know). So I quickly want to say that I'm sorry for that feature to be absent (I have already requested my website builder for that feature to be implemented ) because I do want to reply to your comments, not just heart them.

Which brings me to...

Dear Marie,

I have read all your comments and I'm very sorry I can't answer, but rest assured that I do read them and I am ever so grateful for all the love you have shown me. I hope the fact that I can't answer will not discourage you from writing in the future. I immensely appreciate it, with all the hearts of my heart :D

If you comment on this one, of course I won't be able to reply; so I will do it on my next one.

Cheerio now!

Cake and tea are a match made in heaven, am I right?

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2 Kommentare

10. Mai 2020

Awww tysm Maive. I love this so much! I have a watermelon mug just like that so I will be sure to make this!

(sorry I could not put this sooner, for some reason it would not let me comment until today.)

Gefällt mir

Complimenti, sono troppo carini, i love, sorry no speak English 💖💖

Gefällt mir
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