A mixed media fantasy Hobbit House sculpted from polymer clay on a glass jar.

Perfect for anyone with a passion for fairy tales and fantastic worlds.

The story:
I started decorating jars and glass bottles when I started working with polymer clay in 2011.
I loved the idea of up-cycling things and transforming them into something completely different.
The main inspiration for my polymer clay houses is the world of witches that I find so fascinating and nature; hence the mushroom-like appearance of so many of them.

This house in particular was inspired by "The Hobbit" by J.R.R. Tolkien whose imagination I greatly admire.

I wanted this house to feel like it was tucked away under a hill, under a tree or what was left of it. With lots of grass and moss growing over it and with some tree roots still wrapping around it to hold it together, with some mushrooms showing here and there.
I sculpted this house over the course of many days and nights, and as I was sculpting it, it was getting colder and colder in England. So, I went for a "frosty morning" look.


🍓MEASUREMENTS: 17cm long, 13cm wide, 12.5cm high approx.
🍓WEIGHT: 620g approx.
🍓Wood front step.
🍓Yellow stained window.
🍓The hinge does open and close (to a degree), but please handle with care as this is a delicate piece.
🍓The base has been lined with black felt wool to protect your surfaces.
🍓Use an an LED tealight to light up this house at night, not a regular candle.
🍓Handmade with love:
I'm a free hand sculptor, I don't use molds of any kind unless they are of my own pieces.
🍓Eco-friendly packaging.
🍓Cleaning instructions: Brush with a soft dry brush (ex: fluffy make-up brush)

This piece is not waterproof.
Suitable as an indoor decoration only.

Hobbit House

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