A sprinkle of magic in the palm of your hand


Inspired by the simplicity and beauty of English country cottages that enrapture me so much, this tiny house with aged walls and thatched-like roof has been sculpted from polymer clay and hand-painted by me to achieve a ceramic-like feel.


Its softly coloured but lived walls immediately transport you somewhere cosy, somewhere a little bit different from here.


This one has softer edges than my other country cottage.

🍓Measurements: 2.6cm long approx (1 inch approx)

                                       2cm wide at the base (6/8 inch approx)

                                       2.8cm high approx (1 1/8 inch approx)
🍓Handmade with love:
I'm a free hand sculptor, I don't use molds of any kind unless they are of my own pieces.
🍓Eco-friendly packaging.
🍓Cleaning instructions: Brush with a soft dry brush (ex: fluffy make-up brush)

This piece is not waterproof.
Suitable as an indoor decoration only.
Colours may look different due to camera/screen settings.

Miniature House ~ English Country Cottage ~