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In this PDF tutorial I'll be showing you how to make miniature strawberry pop tarts from polymer clay.


Specifically we'll be looking at:

  • How to mix colours
  • How to sculpt the pop tart (whole and part-eaten!)
  • How to make the pop tart look baked
  • How to make the strawberry jam
  • How to make icing
  • How to make the sprinkles



  • Lots of tips on how to make teeny tiny sprinkles successfully!
  • Full list of tools & materials


Once you've completed this project, you'll be able to use your miniature pop tarts in your miniature settings or transform them into jewellery by simply changing the size and thickness to your taste.


Your project is ready to download!


Happy crafting!



Page Count: 8

Language: English

Full colour photography 

PDF Format

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©Copyrighted material - This tutorial cannot be shared, copied or sold, whether in part or in whole. You have the right to create pieces following the instructions in this document, but I am the sole copyright owner of the content itself.  By purchasing this tutorial you agree to these terms and conditions.


Miniature Pop Tarts - Polymer Clay PDF Tutorial


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