Wicca Witch & How She Lost Her Finger

Legend has it that Wicca Witch

Wasn’t much of a wicked witch.

Potions brewed but to a stew

And spells from spelling

She did not know.

Mice frolicked in her hut,

Bats flew around her hat,

For Wicca Witch thought bad luck

To cross her path with a black cat.

But not a soul would now know more,

Of Clumsy Talentless Dafty Old Soak.

So on her shelf she found a book

The Advanced Book of Spells she took,

From then on she shall be known,

As Wicca Witch the Wicked Witch.

‘Mummy dust and brains,

A crow’s feather and a toad’s leg.’

She danced around her cauldron,

Lulling her own owl to boredom.

From a jar of dead man’s bone,

Poured a flood, dry of dust,

“Open up you sleepy head.”

She tapped a skull on her top shelf,

And with a spoon she took a scoop,

Of brains too twisted to a gloop.

Plucked a feather from her old friend,

Who cawed in pain, now bald and pale.

In a pot of bubbling snot,

All the ingredients fizzed and popped.

But alas! She had all but one,

The toad’s leg she had yet to find.

Around she looked for a wretched toad,

For she knew she’d used them all.

She’d fly half-way across the woods

To catch a toad in the nearest pond,

But Wicca Witch never flew,

For she was scared of her own broom.

“Go Crow, go!” She yelled,

“Go find a toad for my best brew!”

But through the window the fat frog croaked,

Unaware of the ugly old crone.

So Wicca Witch crept on her toes,

To the sill where the toad sat poised.

From the leg she picked it up,

Hurried back to seal her charm.

Fat with flies the green beast laid,

Wicca’s fingers around its leg.

Armed with axe she took a blow,

For what were wands for but stirring stew?

But the common toad slipped away,

Just as Wicca Witch swung away,

And instead of a dead toad’s leg,

Her severed finger twitched and turned.

‘Bring me the toad! She cried to her crow.

‘Before I shall lose

Down to my toes!’

But poor old crow could not fly,

For his last feather he’d given unasked.

So now you know how Wicca Witch

Lost her finger to a toad,

And how Wicca Witch,

Was henceforth known,

As Wicca Witch the Witless witch.

Note: I wrote this story in rhyme to accompany my severed witch finger sculpture tutorial on Youtube. 

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© Maive Ferrando 2020