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Miniature Jam Doughnuts 🍩

To continue filling my bakery counter with yummy stuff, this time I made jam doughnuts. Despite looking delicious, I don't actually eat jam doughnuts, but my other half does and I have plenty of occasions to look at them and study them.

For the dough I mixed pastel yellow polymer clay and translucent. I always begin by mixing the yellow shade first and when I'm happy with the colour, I add some of that to translucent polymer clay. Having translucent polymer clay in sweet baked goods like this (or fried), makes it look like there's real sugar and butter in there, it gives it that caramelized look. Of course it always depends on the type of food you're making, which is why it's very important to look at the real thing if you can get hold of it or at pictures of the food you are trying to recreate on Google images.

To shape the doughnuts, I used a flat silicone tool, but you can also use a toothpick or a dotting tool. The line doesn't have to be "ruler" straight, although these lines tend to be quite even in real doughnuts because of the way they are baked or fried. Also, if the doughnut isn't that tall, there is no actual light line left and the whole doughnut appears golden.

To add that beautiful golden colour to my doughnuts, I used Royal & Langnickel soft pastels in earthen tones. I started with the lightest caramel or raw sienna shade, followed by the first terracotta shade in the palette. I applied it with my fingers to avoid getting brush strokes and to apply the colour evenly throughout. I didn't want to get any colour in the line I had traced, and sometimes using a brush, you risk flicking some colour in unwanted areas.

Texturing the doughnuts is totally optional, for after applying the craft sand, it's not really visible. I used a sheet of tin foil to texture them, just so they weren't completely flat. You can also use a toothbrush or leave them as they are.

As for the "fake sugar" I used clear craft sand. You can buy this online mainly, for I've never seen it in art shops, but be aware that this may take a few purchases before you get the colour right. Some may be advertised as clear but they are not, and some that look clear are advertised as white. Don't merely rely on pictures. Do read the description of the item and other people's reviews, for they may sometimes describe it as being "similar to sugar". If that's the case, then you might want to try that. If you still are uncertain, I advise you to contact the seller so they can describe the item for you, more times than not, they are very happy to help.

I can't remember where I bought mine from, because it took me several attempts, so the link to the product suggested is not the one I have, but I suggested it based on what I can perceive from the picture and description of the item.

I used acrylic paints in red and carmine to make the jam. First I faded out a lighter shade of red around the hole, and then applied a darker red (carmine) in the centre.

If you'd like some of your doughnuts to have jam oozing out, maybe because you cut them in half or made bite marks on them, you can tint fimo liquid with a speck of red polymer clay, soft pastels or oil paint.

Applying glaze is a must for your doughnuts to looks shiny and sweet, which also helps to keep the craft sand in place. You can use FIMO gloss for this or any other water based varnish.


Sculpey Polyform Premo Accents Polymer Clay, 2-Ounce, Translucent Staedtler Water-Based Varnish 3oz-Gloss Nicky's Gift 15pcs Acrylic Nail Art Design Painting Tool Pen Polish Brush Set Kit DIY Pro viptao 5 pc 2 Way Dotting Pen Tool Nail Art Tip Dot Paint Manicure kit Foxnovo Fimo Clay Sculpting Shapers Wipe Out Tools for Carving, Shaping, Clay Sculpture, Modeling -5pcs One Pound of Silver-White Sparkling Crystal Quartz Craft Sand for Vase Filler, Zen and Fairy Gardens Fimo FIM805000BK Liquid Decorating Gel 1.6oz Reeves Non-Toxic Acrylic Paint Set, 0.34 oz Tube, Assorted Color, Set of 24 Royal & Langnickel Earth Tone Soft Pastels, 12-Piece

Disclaimer: Products and materials are examples and suggestions and may or may not be the exact products I used, but similar ones. Do read the item's description before buying.

You can watch my Jam Doughnuts Tutorial below:

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