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Now taking CUSTOM ORDERS! 😊

I wanted to share with you the news that I am now open to taking some custom orders. Custom orders are for two categories: miniature cakes and cake-themed jewellery.

Miniature cakes categories:

  • A remake of my miniature cakes

  • A remake of my miniature cakes with modifications such as different toppings, size, etc.

  • A completely different one from the ones I offer (this can be a replica of your birthday cake for example)

Some of my miniature cakes and cake sets are available for pre-order and you only need to add it to your cart and check out as usual.

These include:

miniature set of cake and cupcakes

miniature black forest cake made from polymer clay

miniature polymer clay victoria sponge cake by maive ferrando

miniature polymer clay victoria sponge cupcakes

miniature cake made to order

miniature polymer clay confetti cake

miniature polymer clay chocoalte chip cookies

Cake-themed jewellery categories:

  • My own cake-themed jewellery (earrings, charms or bag charms)

  • My own cake-themed jewellery with modifications

  • Your own cake-themed jewellery idea/replica of a real cake

*Cake-themed jewellery is not limited to just cake. This can be any sweet food you have in mind. It's not my norm to make savoury food, but I would like to hear about your idea if you have one.

In both cases I don't take custom orders for replicas of other artists' work or copyrighted material such as Disney characters.

Some examples of previous custom cakes:

To share your idea with me, please fill in my "Custom Cake" form and I kindly ask that you add as much detail as possible. This doesn't mean you have to describe the cake in full, but it would help to know certain details such as:

  • if it's a whole cake or with slices cut out

  • with or without plates, cutlery and cake stand/board

  • if it's scented

  • its size in cm

  • I work with hypoallergenic silver plated earring hooks that are nickel, lead and cadmium free , but if you have allergies, please state what findings you'd like (Sterling silver, stainless steel, etc.)

I would love to know what ideas you have cooking in your mind, or if you'd like modifications on any of my existing ones. I will be adding more cakes as I make them and you will always be able to pre-order them. Have a lovely rest of this chilly evening, Love, Mai

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