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๐Ÿ„ Miniature Polymer Clay Fairy Mushroom Houses

I love anything fantasy related, whether it's stories, paintings, sculptures or jewellery, I am always keen to explore!

I've always believed in fairies, spirits and energies (or the paranormal if you prefer to call it such) so they are quite an inspiration for me and in fact, we had fairies in the garden of one of my childhood houses. Sadly, I never saw them, but someone else did and I always believed that to be true. Unfortunately, I found that out after this person was no longer in our lives, so I couldn't investigate any further. But, finding that out helped strengthen my belief that spirits exist, even though I didn't have to wait long to know that was true. Everyone in my family knows how much I love to talk about this topic and listen to family stories of ghosts and loved ones who've passed, and never ever did I doubt any of them. Not only because it's such a thrill, but because I love to know that there is life after death, that there are energies and light beings all around us, like angels, archangels and spirit guides, (and more) and I like to learn to work with them and let them be part of my life.

Anyway, now that I've explained my connection to fairies, I can go ahead and say that these mini fairy mushroom houses were inspired by my own pieces from 2011 or so. You can find pictures of these both in my Instagram and Facebook pages.

I love the simplicity but the effectiveness of monochromatic pieces. In fact, when I draw I never use colour, only black and white, and I've always done that. So sometimes I like bringing that onto my clay pieces. I love the simple, clean and minimalist look of these mini houses, complemented by the gradient effect of the roofs, adding that little sprinkle of magic.

I turned my fairy houses into necklaces and each one comes with a silver plated leaf charm, because I know the fairies would appreciate that and it creates a gentle jingle when it dangles, that just about remind me of angel charms. I'd like to make more fairy and angel inspired pieces, not necessarily jewellery, but because I am superstitious, I won't mention it just yet and will show you once it's done.

My fairy mushroom house necklaces are available for purchase in my Shop.

You can watch my tutorial here:

๐Ÿ“ Materials used in this video:

FIMO Liquid: Premo polymer clay black: Nail art dotting tools: Nail art brushes Acrylic paints: Silicone sculpting tools: Fimo Gloss: Needle Tool: Pasta Machine:

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