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My Official Merch is here! 😃

I've held my tongue for two months so I'm so happy to finally share this with you:


I enjoyed every moment spent creating these designs with the team at Teespring, that reflect both my work and my relationship with you my viewers, fans and family on Youtube and so far the designs are three:

1. My "Have a crafty weekend" that features a simple and fresh version of my favourite fruit (that inspired lots of pieces) together with my closing line, created to inspire you and to add that little something to your daily life. This design is available as a t-shirt, tank top, cozy hoodie and mug.

2. My Sea Turtle represents my love for the ocean and its inhabitants and this gorgeous vibrant design is available as a mug, a t-shirt or tank top that are perfect for the summer or even as pyjamas or lounging tops.

3. My Mermaid Seashell Bra, was also born from my love for the ocean but also from my love for the mythical world of mermaids and fantasy worlds that often capture my imagination. This cute and fun design is available as a t-shirt and tank top making it perfect for all mermaids out there!

All designs are fresh and vibrant and were created to make you feel GOOD. The apparel is made to order and there's also an-eco friendly unisex option available, how cool is that? My sea turtle and mermaid bra are watercolour paintings of my sea turtle necklace and seashell earrings, and I've specifically requested them to be painted that way to create that dreamy and instant "feel good" sensation when you look at them.

The paintings are by my amazing mother in law and watercolour artist Jane Bannon.

You can see her awesome work here:

Whether you are a fan of my work and/or my videos and would like to purchase any of these you can find them at and by doing so you would be supporting my Youtube Channel and helping me to create more and better content, for which I will be eternally grateful.

I can't wait to start working on new designs, hope you like the collection!

Browse through the whole range below!

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