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Miniature Pancakes For Pancake Day 🥞

Hi there, nice to see you again.

I never eat pancakes, so I thought that Pancake Day (13th Feb in the UK) was the perfect excuse to make miniature ones (and real ones!) in different flavours.

I had posted a pancake tutorial, also on Pancake day a couple of years ago or so (it's still there if you'd like to watch it), but I wanted something fresher and more varied. So this time, I made pancakes with 5 different toppings:

- Blueberries

- Chocolate with strawberries and blueberries

- Butter

- Maple syrup and strawberries

- Confetti and ice-cream

These are just 5 flavours I thought of, so of course you can vary them however you like; I thought chocolate chip and banana to be really good choices too!

I turned my pancakes into cute little bag charms and they are available for purchase here on my website or from my Etsy Shop.

You can watch how I made them here:

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