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Miniature Waffles

Hello cupcakes! Nice to see you again.

Today's tutorial was inspired by last week's...this one is a bit simpler because I've been busy with some orders and preparing another video that will be up next week, (one that I think you'll like, it involves mica powders!) but I didn't want to leave you hanging...

I've made polymer clay waffles in the past but in this video I've changed the method slightly to improve the texture inside the waffles.

To make them look cooked I used both soft pastels before baking them and acrylic paint once baked to intensify the colour. I used Reeves and Daler Rowney, because those are the ones I have and I like them (I have sets but I also buy single tubes of colours that inspire me), but any brand will work, as long as you're using water based paint; even wet soft pastels will work.

To glaze them I also used water based varnish and this is a mush when glazing polymer clay; clear nail polish is a big NO-NO, for it will erode/react with your polymer clay in the long run.

I've turned my waffles into stud earrings and are available for purchase from my website.

You can watch my waffle tutorial here:

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