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KEYHOLE - Exploring New Territory

After painting "Fireflies" a cascade of images poured over me. Whether conceptual or as clear as you and me, I simply saw them. I never tend to think about what I do artistically too much, because I honour my instincts, so I just make; and everything that's meaningful to me weaves together perfectly into what I make.

I bet that you already have an idea of this painting. You probably saw it and you knew what it was. Of course, it's a sun-bathed path fringed by wisteria and lilacs swaying in the breeze seen through a keyhole.

I see that too. But that's not all I see.

Take a moment and think about other possible meanings. Then see if any of them match to what I've written below.

I see frustration. Being locked up in a room, whether because your job demands it or because we crave something we don't have, and willing to be out there, where it's nice and warm or be where we think must be better.

I see depression. Being in a dark state of mind, grasping the concept of happiness, which is there, right in front of you, you could reach it if you only turned the key, if you only opened the door, but you don't know how.

I see nostalgia. Looking at the bright past from a dark present. Or looking at the bright future from a dark past/present.

I see uncertainty. Looking at the path of life, unsure of what's at the end of the path that curves right and the destination is out of sight, but also seeing it with positivity because the path goes upward.

I see disconnection. The age of technology and social media has unplugged us from our natural environment. There's a sense of detachment from nature, as if we were not part of it, thus missing out not only on its beauty, but its teachings and abundance.

I think my favourite meaning is that of curiosity, the yearning to see where the path takes!

It's a message to remind us to be present, to be here, in this moment right now.

Take care of your now, and your now will take care of your future.

Ultimately, it's a message of faith. No matter how dark, how disconnected you feel or you think you are, there is always a way out and believing there is, is your first step toward freedom.

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