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Making Melody's Seashell Locket

If you don't have mold putty

You don't need mold putty to make this necklace! You can sculpt two seashells instead of one, however they won't be hollow like the one I made.

You can sculpt them using gold colour clay or tint the colour in any of the following ways...

If you don't have mica powders

In my tutorial, I used mica powders as the main colouring agent.

However, there are other materials you can use:

- Gold eye shadows (they have mica powder!) They may not be as pigmented as mica powders, but this also depends on the quality/finish of the eye shadow (some can be sheer). Powders can be applied to unbaked clay by dusting them directly on it and on baked clay by mixing it with a liquid (water based) medium like a glaze.

- Gold alcohol ink. This can be applied to baked polymer clay only.

- Gold acrylic paint. This can also be applied to baked polymer clay only. (Not to be mixed in with unbaked polymer clay).

Only water based paints and glazes can be used on polymer clay.

Always allow the baked polymer clay to cool down before painting it or glazing it.

NEVER use nail polish on polymer clay. Nail polish is not compatible with polymer clay and it will react with it, eating at it in the long run.

If you don't have cord

I would have wanted to give this necklace a gold chain instead of cord. I had the chain but since I don't use gold findings often, I didn't have a big enough gold plated jump ring to link the seashells.

If you have a big enough jump ring, link both seashells together and then link that to a chain or if you don't want to poke holes through the clay, you can drill/poke holes through the top and add a couple of screw bails.

If this is what you choose to do, remember to make the seashells thick enough for the screw bails to fit or they can crack.

I really hope this was helpful, thank you for reading and I'll catch you next time.

Love, Maive.

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