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After making the floral wedding cake, I wanted to make another one in the colours of the rainbow! So I chose another three tier cake, with 6 different colour frostings, decorated with a rainbow waterfall, piped cream, doughnuts and French macaroons!

Next I made chocolate and raspberry naked cakes to experiment with different shades of brown and ways to spread the frosting.

I made two in slightly different styles, one being more rustic than the other.

To continue with the colourful theme, I made confetti cakes in two different styles.

One is a simple vanilla scented sponge cake, with baby blue icing and confetti as decorations.

The other one is in the style of my confetti cake earrings, with a bright and colourful sponge, pink frosting and piped cream.

Some of these cakes are still available for purchase from my website and Etsy Shop:

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