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Brownies & Ice-Cream 🍨

Hello, nice to see you again.

I couldn't remember the last time I'd made it could only mean one thing, it was time to make some more!

In truth, I had an urge to bake something (real) and my partner complained it'd been too long since I had last made brownies 😂 So I took the opportunity to remind myself how brownies are made, the ingredients and ultimately, what they look like (for sculpting purposes) and most importantly what they taste like (for my tongue's sake).

They were so good I had to make them again 2 days later!

So, the brownies were a lot moister than I expected or remembered and due to the amount of butter, they also get very shiny.

The thin, crispy top seems to be sugar mostly (maybe) but the light brown colour does blend into the dark of the rest of the brownie.

Because I love the look of stacked food, with sauces dripping down; I went for stacks of three brownies with melting ice-cream on top.

I textured the crispy tops of the brownies really well and it took me a really long time...but because they are stacked you can't see any of it. It was good practice though ☺️

Even though I'm very happy with the result, considering I hadn't made them in ages, I'm still looking for ways to make them more realistic.

The brownie recipe I followed was this:

But...because I had only read the ingredients list just before going shopping, I hadn't realized the instructions were extremely simple and nothing was said about the chocolate. So I just melted it and mixed it in with the rest. If you are thinking of making these brownies, I feel I should warn you...they are absolutely delicious!

Now I have one question to ask you, how likely are you ever to join me for tea?

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