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Red Vibes

Hi there, nice to see you again.

I don't think much has happened in my life artistically. A lot has been happening in my life which hasn't really helped me get in the mood to sculpt much. I feel rather disconnected from myself and unable to think clearly.

I've worked mainly on small projects, despite having bigger ones in mind; but at this time I rather not bite more than I can chew. Also, we still haven't moved house for reasons beyond our control and I wouldn't want to stop in the middle of something big. I don't like being interrupted, I feel like I lose momentum.

So apart from going back to accepting custom orders, at least for now (because something always happens that makes me lose motivation to keep doing that) I seemed to have been inspired by the colour red. It's not something I've actively sought; but looking at pictures of my recent creations, I noticed they all had the same common denominator.

There's an intruder here though; the strawberry house bag charm is from months ago but I only just turned it into an accessory :)

I can easily say that the concepts for all of these have been on my mind for a very very very long time. I made candy apples very early on in my polymer clay journey (but they didn't look like that! Picture below) and also filmed a poisoned apple video inspired by Disney's Snow White for my Youtube channel a few years ago. I regret to say I haven't made toffee apples since...Their glossiness was my favourite thing about them; no wonder I had named by shop Glossy Apple Designs all those years ago.

How do you like my tower of cupcake liners? These are from 2011/12 but if you want to see more of my polymer clay ghosts, go to my Facebook page, there's lots of them there ^_^

I'm working on a custom order at the moment so there may not be many signs of life from this end, but I have something in mind for the second week of February, I just hope schedules allow.

Thank you so much for reading and I'll catch you next time,

Love, Mai.

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