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Lemon Cupcakes

First item on the #30daypolymerclayfoodprompt >>>

>>>Lemon cupcakes 🍋🧁<<<

I've personally picked up a technique that I had started "investigating" in June last year to make cupcake liners in a different way.

The technique didn't make it into my book because this was way after my deadline but even if it hadn't been, I hadn't used this technique so much so as to feel confident enough to add it.

It's not a technique that I would use all the time, but it would be silly not to add it in a potential second book, it's such a cute effect!


To make these prompts even more useful and to get the most out of this exercise, at the end of each project you could take some notes, or keep a journal, and ask yourself some questions like:

🍋 What did I do differently from the last time I made this?

🍋 Is there anything that I'd do differently next time?

🍋 If so, why and and how would I change it?

Be specific. "I would put more effort into it" is not specific.

But "I'd add less translucent clay" is.

One down, twenty-nine to go.

I'll catch you tomorrow polymer clayers.

Love, Mai

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