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Meringue Ghosts Halloween Cake

It's October! My favourite month, because it's the month of Halloween (I know, I say that every year) and because to me it's the most magical month. It's the month where I feel a cycle ending and another one beginning (to me December is not the end of the year). It's the month where trees turn yellow and red and the air is filled with the sweet smell of change. It's the month where the veil between the mortal world and the spirit world is at its thinnest, therefore making it easier to communicate with our ancestors and honour their lives.

I usually like to take this opportunity to light a candle for my loved ones who have passed, even those I never knew simply to say: thank you. Thank you for everything you did, for everything you went through that allowed me to be there today, "wearing" your DNA. I am honoured.

Anyway, back to ghosts and cakes and miniatures.

For the October issue of "Dolls House & Miniature Scene" magazine I made a caramel naked cake with spooked meringue ghosts!

I had a lot of fun making this cake, I had never made one like this before where the decorations were reacting to the cake being cut and hence had some running for their lives! Haha. It was inspired by a recipe I found in "Delicious" magazine, with the main difference being that I went for a naked cake instead of peanut buttercream and the ghosts weren't running away ^_^


A superb selection of fantastic projects for you to build your own spooky scene, including Sadie Brown’s delicate bunting to give your windows some added décor, Ruth Flewelling Lesbirel’s fireside companion to add some cosiness, and Beate Klotz’s stunning garland that will frame your dolls house doorway. Not only these, but tempting treats including sweet and savoury delights – each one a must-make!

Elsewhere, Sadie Brown delves into the mystery of wolves with Kristin Castenschiold and her bespoke creations, and Moi Ali talks trends with Dutch miniaturist Arjen Spinhoven and his mid-century classic kits.

The magazine is available in print and digital format for you to read on your favourite device and you can get it here. If you just got into the world of miniatures and would like to delve more into it, older issues are available as as well, dating back to October 2015, so you can order any issue you'd like.


Little clay townhouses, a couple of gingerbread houses and shops, like a mini patisserie (one of my favourites to make) and a doughnut shop, with a glossy chocolate high-relief doughnut above the door.

As for jewellery, this time of year inspires me to work with the colour red, so apples was my natural inclination. I worked on some Christmas puddings, which I hadn't done in a while, and maybe I'll work on a different design, so keep your eyes peeled ^_^

I hope you're having a fantastic Friday, wherever you may be in the world and whatever time I may be catching you at, and hope that the "fantasticness" (is that a thing?) rolls on into the weekend.

Thank you so much for reading and I'll catch you next time,

Love & doves,


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