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Meringue Kisses & Blood Orange Cake

Hi there!

I always write from my desk, or most of the time, but today is unusually dark.

Luckily for me because I love it, it's been raining all morning; it's cold, the sky is a grey dome and I've spent my day surrounded by this vibrant green wall of Earth giants and plants as I took photographs of my miniatures and edited them. How could I ever feel lonely, anywhere? Their energy is palpable and I can feel their relief when they get to drink.

Even though my desk is dimly lit, today was the perfect day for a little candle on my desk. It's wonderful how a little flame in the dark, with silver butterflies spinning over it like a carousel (a gift from mum) can make you feel so warm and cozy.

So, item #8 in my "30 Day Polymer Clay Food Prompt" list >>>

>>> Meringue Kisses <<<

I had been practicing sculpting bigger meringues a few days/weeks ago, so this time I went for miniature ones in 4 different colours. They've all been sculpted individually, no moulds involved, as I'm trying to practice and improve as a sculptor. I'm not trying to produce them en masse ^_^

I had totally forgotten about these miniature meringues/stars that I had made using cold porcelain

To make the little meringues, I simply used a dotting tool and a tapered silicone tool. I held the dotting tool differently than how I hold a pencil (that is also how I normally hold a dotting tool). The best way I can describe it is with my thumb over and perpendicularly to the handle if that makes sense. Basically the way one is told not to hold a pencil when learning to write.

By having my thumb on the end of the tool as usual, I felt I was putting more pressure on my whole hand and therefore on the tool, whereas the other way it felt lighter. It doesn't surprise me that some artists hold their brushes that way.

Have a go if you've never done it before and see if you can tell the difference.

I know that in my last post I said I was really tempted to make a miniature confetti cake, and I was! I started making the cake with that intention, but once I'd made the sponge, it didn't have the vibe of a confetti cake, it felt like some other cake.

I used the same technique to make this pancake stack.

I was browsing through my Instagram board "Cakes & Cupcakes", and saw this vanilla sponge cake with blood orange slices and pink icing, and knew that was it.

To make this cake, I used a technique I hadn't used in a long while (over a year!). The last time I used it, it was to make the stack of strawberry pancakes (I think).

I am very satisfied with the result and would definitely use it from time to time.

A brief ray of sun

I hope you are having a wonderful week and if you're making polymer clay food from my prompt list, that you're finding it relaxing and that you're enjoying the process. I am certainly looking forward to my next one, Raspberry drizzle cake 👍

Eight down, twenty-two to go.

Thank you for reading and I'll catch you next time polymer clayers,

Love, Mai

Pink Path ~ Heavily edited picture of the path below our home.

We had just got back from our evening walk and from talking some photos, hoping to catch a glimpse of the fox we came upon the bridge yesterday. But no luck. I was editing this picture at my desk, when out of the corner of my eye, I saw something move in the bushes opposite me. I wasn't quick enough and I just about caught the fox's tail disappearing into the foliage ♡

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May 01, 2020

I always get so hungry when I look at your posts.

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