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Miniature "Wicked Witch" Cupcakes for "Dolls House & Miniature Scene" Magazine

Hello, nice to see you again.

Do you remember this picture from my IG?

This is what they look like now!

Yes, for the October issue of "Dolls House & Miniature Scene" magazine I wanted to make something fun, that was still "Halloweeny" but not gory, and I love how these cupcakes turned out! I love the concept of the witch diving into the cupcakes (also popular with Easter bunnies), getting stuck with her legs up in the air. I made my witch legs kind of long, which contribute to that cartoonish and playful style. I love it!

The cupcakes are a classic vanilla colour, but you can make them in any flavour you prefer. I stick to vanilla when I know that the decorations are going to be colourful and when I want something simple. Also, vanilla happens to be my favourite kind of cupcake!

What else is in this issue?

Get set for an abundance of spooktacular inspiration!

From wickedly good projects with simple step by steps for you to follow, to artisans who enjoy more of the macabre, if Halloween is a season you enjoy then there will certainly be something for you. My cupcakes have a wicked witch diving head first into the ‘buttercream’ and Louise Goldsborough Bird creates a witch’s outfit complete with the patterns you need, inspired by Steampunk.

Elsewhere, Moi Ali takes a stroll down Memory Lane, in the world of IT, with creations I’m sure will be conversation starters… from a Spectrum ZX81, a Commodore 64 to an Apple Macintosh, this will be a wonderful piece of nostalgia.

We hope this copious amount of inspiration, top tips and fascinating features get your creative juices flowing – happy mini making!

Get digital copies to read on your favourite device with bonus features, or printed copies delivered to your door here:

Download: Printable list of tools and materials!

Tools and materials - Wicked Witch Cupcakes
Download PDF • 180KB

I really hope you enjoy making the cupcakes, and if you do, I would love for you to share them on IG using #maiveferrando and #dollshouseminiaturescene, we love to see your work!

Have a fantastic Halloween, however you celebrate it - I have different ways of enjoying the whole of October: from watching "witchy" movies like "The Witches" (1990) or "Hocus Pocus" to "Harry Potter". I also like slowing down, remember my ancestors and light a candle for them to show them that they're loved and present.

If you too are into the movies abovementioned, I have a couple of projects you might like to work on this month, whether you'd like to the keep the finished pieces for yourself or give them to someone who like me, grew up during the 90s.

It was more than a couple, haha. But I hope you'll enjoy them.

Thank you so much for reading and I'll catch you next time,



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