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My Book's "Miniature Cake Creations" 3rd Birthday Celebration!

The 7th of October my first polymer clay book "Miniature Cake Creations" is going to be 3 years old!

I had the idea of celebrating the 3 year anniversary with a video of one of the projects. Maybe not the exact same one so that you see and learn something new, but a variation of a cake or accessory that you'd love to see a tutorial of

So what would you love to see?

The options are...(are you ready?):

I am feeling extra generous and wanting to give away my creation to a lucky viewer/reader too, makes me really happy!

Here are some of the mini cakes and accessories in my book, let me know in the comments which one is your favourite and if you'd like to see a variation of it. For example: a poison apple cake instead of a melted ice-cream cake. Same concept, different look.

If you haven't got my book yet, you can purchase a copy here. Just scroll down after clicking on the link and choose your favourite shop depending on what country you're in.

Can't wait to see what cake or treat you choose!

Lots of love,


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