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When I started writing this post, I'd just returned home from posting another week's orders and as I came in the door, took my boots and coat off and said hello to my Benji bun, I was again, overwhelmed with this feeling of gratefulness. A feeling that I get every time I get an order, every time I come back from the post office.

Living in my own little world, as I'm sure it is for many other people who only get their noses out of their dwellings once a week or so like me, it's easy to set Coronavirus thoughts aside during that time and really let it sink in when I have to go out and put my mask on. The world has changed so much since it came into our lives and we are all trying to adjust as best we can; which is why I feel so blessed, honoured and thankful for the people that, despite everything that's going on, keep coming back to me to through my work or my videos or finding their brand way to me and buying my art, basically.

You have no IDEA what this means to me.

I just want to say that I SEE you and that I am FOREVER grateful for this gesture. It may seem like the simplest of actions to you. But trust, it is not. No action is small.

The main two reasons I go out at the moment is to shop for food and to post my pieces, the other reason is to walk and get some fresh air which I like to do in my local little forest and lake, where I like to take my camera and see what memory I can bring back.

It was here that last week, I snapped one of the most beautiful and most lecturing pictures I have ever taken.

This is it.

I don't know how long I stood on that hill for waiting to capture the perfect picture, waiting for the rays of sun to really speak to me and did they speak.

Sunshine and showers coexisting peacefully, by simply being who they are.

What I took away from this moment up on that hill is:

  • That nothing is one way or the other.

  • That where there is darkness, there is also light.

  • That opposites can coexist.

  • That I can be in awe of both.

  • That nothing is good or bad; that is me who makes it such.

  • That the sun always rises, and always in a slightly different looking sky.

  • For not two instants are the same.

  • That all I have is the moment of now.

  • For life is but a river, a sea where everything flows and goes and changes.

  • Forever.

  • That I better be at peace with it like a wave in the ocean.

I'm sure there are many more lessons I could harvest from this miraculous moment in my existence, a moment where I felt like the only person to be experiencing this, as if it were a gift meant for me and for me only.

I want to look at this forever. I feel a print is in order ^_^

Deeply thankful to be here on Earth at this time,

Simply Thank you ❤️

Love, Mai.

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