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Sponge Cake Sunday!

Hello, nice to see you again. Hope you are having a lovely Sunday, wherever you are.

The temperature's dropped a bit here where I am in the Southeast of England, so I've been having lots of tea to try to warm up today (so sorry if my hand looks a bit blue! I had to rub it against my leg before taking the picture so that it didn't look like a zombie's! ^_^) and just finished eating a slice of one of my favourite cakes, the Victoria Sponge. Three layers of sponge, and two layers of cream and jam, delicious!

But I was so in the mood for more cake today that I wanted to share my latest one with you, but of the polymer clay sort.

A few days ago, I finished sculpting this chocolate confetti cake with "piped" chocolate decorations and chopped nuts on the bottom half of the buttercream coat. I made this one slightly different to how I usually make them, just to try something, but the result is unnoticeable.

As for miniature food jewellery, my latest creations are blueberry cakes in two different flavours: "Classic Blueberry" and "Pink Lemonade", both available as earrings and charms.

The "Classic Blueberry" style, is a remake of my original blueberry cake earrings, only with slightly different sponge and buttercream. The "Pink Lemonade" share the same vanilla sponge and buttercream, but they have a different kind of blueberry, a more pink or red one called "Pink Lemonade", hence the name.

I hope you liked my new sweet little cakes and that they get you baking, whether it's a miniature or a real one and I'll catch you very soon with my miniature project for Dolls House & Miniature Scene magazine.

Have a lovely, restful Sunday,

Lots of love,


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