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St.Patrick's Day Cake

Hello polymer clayers! Nice to see you again...

Inspired by the super cute video by The Sugar Geek Show, this year I decided to make a green ombre cake with a rainbow drip to celebrate St.Patrick's Day!

This is of course a super tiny and non edible version as it's made from polymer clay (in case you're new) and cold porcelain.

This is totally new to me, both the green cake and the theme. I've made colourful cakes before - like red velvet, rainbow and unicorn cakes! - and I always wanted to make a St.Patrick's Day cake, so here it is!

If you'd like to sculpt a little luck of the Irish into your life, you will need:

- Polymer clay in white, translucent, dark brown (or black), green, metallic (optional), yellow, red, orange, light blue and purple.

- Liquid polymer clay

- Ceramic tiles to work and bake your polymer clay on

- Water-based gloss varnish

- Bronze and gold mica powder

- Cold porcelain

- PVA glue

- Blades

- Toothbrush

- Craft knife

- Needle tool

- Small cutter

- Small embossing tools

- Small paintbrushes

- Pointy tool/toothpick

- Flat sculpting tool

- Piping nozzle (and disposable piping bag)

- Miniature ceramic plate (optional)

- Acetone

What else is in this issue?

Spring has sprung in the UK, and that often means it’s time for a spring clean – of your mini makes!

Freshen up anything you feel is looking tired or add some brighter elements to those looking a little dark. We have plenty of pint-sized projects for you to try this issue, including how to add grass to your scenes, part two of Moi Ali’s ‘Retro fit realism’, where last month she looked at the roof of your house, this issue she looks at brick walls and other external wall effects.

For those who love to make mini food – we know this is a popular aspect of making miniatures – we have two projects; Sadie Brown’s waffles that can be used as a UK Mother’s Day treat, and Maive Ferrando’s green ombre cake complete with a little pot of gold on top, perfect for celebrating St Patrick’s Day! Also, this issue you’ll find Trash to Treasure by new contributor Eleanor Catalina, demonstrating how you can use trinkets that you might want to throw away and turn them into details on your miniatures!

Plus, lots more projects, inspiring reads and an abundance of top advice from artisans you love!

Get digital copies to read on your favourite device with bonus features, or printed copies delivered to your door here:

For the full tutorial with instructions and step-by-step photography, see the options below:

The magazine is available in both print and digital format for you to read on your favourite device (with bonus features!)

Previous projects:

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If you'd like to learn more about how I make my cakes and how I turn them into jewellery and accessories, my book "Miniature Cake Creations" includes 30 projects and an extensive techniques section to help you make exquisite miniature polymer clay cakes and sweet food.

I hope you have a fab time making this very green cake, and if you make it, do send me pictures because I love to see your work! It feels like a blessing...

Sending you lots and lots of love...

Thank you so much for reading and I'll catch you next time,


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