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Strawberry Cupcakes: A tutorial for "Dolls House & Miniature Scene" Magazine

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

It's February! The month of love and chocolate (though if you ask me, it always is).

So to go hand in hand with that theme in the February issue of "Dolls House & Miniature Scene" magazine, I worked on a tutorial for delicious miniature vanilla cupcakes with strawberry and chocolate icing, and a juicy strawberry on top.

The tutorial is super easy to follow with both pictures and written instructions, plus here you'll find the materials and tools with links to where you can find them:

Materials & Tools:

- Polymer clay in: translucent, yellow, raw sienna, pink (or red and white), Spanish olive

- Toothbrush

- Small paintbrushes

- Acrylic paints

*I make a small commission from the affiliate links at NO extra cost to you. I only share products that I know and use and that I think you'll find useful as well.

The cupcakes are not only ideal to create a miniature Valentine's day setting this February, but they are versatile enough to complete a miniature bakery and display them all year round.

You can subscribe to "Dolls House & Miniature Scene" magazine here or buy your favourite issues and have a print copy delivered directly to your door or purchase a digital one so you can view it on your favourite device.

The magazine is always oozing with talent and packed with lots of articles, interviews and projects for all things miniature and for all levels of ability. One one my favourite skilled projects that I always look forward to finding in the magazine are Stephanie Guy's tutorials on how to make miniature paintings, I adore her style; in particular "Summer Flowers in Bloom" in the June 2019 issue.

I know you won't be disappointed!

Thanks for reading and I'll catch you next time!

Love and doves,


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