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I haven't made a lot of new items this week as I've been working on making more of my existing cake sets and single cakes like my "Cherry Bakewell" cake set and my Chocolate Orange cake.

But I did want to make at least a new version of a Victoria Sponge cake, one with jam instead of strawberry pieces because I think it looks more mouthwatering, does it not?

It's funny now, because at the time it wasn't, that it took me 5 attempts at mixing colours together to get this jam colour you see here. I threw all the other ones away as they were unusable. They didn't resemble jam or any other icing.

I never tire of making Victoria Sponge cakes; I love their look and their simplicity. And I'm always hunching over to look at them through their glass bells at cafes to see their texture better, to see how the jam and cream mix together.

I love to bake them as well, especially in the summer with lots of fresh Kentish strawberries available in my area. The recipe I always follow is Cupcake Jemma's; it's light, it's not too sweet and everyone, EVERYONE, loves it and compliments me on it.

"Nothing to do with me, it's Jemma's." I always say.

Apart from the lovely queen of cakes, I also made more of the chocolate orange cake. Another simple but so yummy and moist looking cake.

As for jewellery, my latest creations include chocolate dipped croissant stud earrings (I only had dangle earrings available)...

...and chocolate chip cookie keyrings/bag charms. The latter will be available as soon as I have better pictures of them; out of the dozens I took I only could use a couple. Photography: not my favourite part of the creative processs ^_^

Thank you so much for reading and I'll catch you next time,

Love, Mai

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